Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas – A World Famous Place

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, is a world-famous place for anyone who is interested in culture, history, art, weddings, and shopping. It is also known as the birthplace of Dallas. Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, is located on the edge of Oak Lawn just west of downtown Dallas. Dealey Plaza in Dallas has been featured in numerous films, including the remake of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the Bill Clinton movie Bill and Hillary Clinton: The Movie, as well as the television series Lost. The Plaza was also the location for the National Symphony Orchestra’s Centennial Celebration and a number of musical and cultural events throughout the years. More about Dallas, TX can be seen here.


In 1963, Dallas saw three major political events that changed the landscape of this beautiful city forever. The first was the Dallas Stock Exchange disaster which occurred when a bullet from a Civil Rights era sniper killed twelve people at the Dealey Plaza. The second was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy along with millions of onlookers from the streets of Dallas. Finally, civil rights leader and organizer Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated in the same plaza. Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, is a great place to spend a vacation. Dealey Plaza lies on top of what was previously known as Dallas, Plaza, which is on the southwest edge of downtown Dallas. The name Dealey Plaza was given by Sam Houston, the first Texas governor. The complex is managed by the Dallas Historical Association and is one of the most popular places to go in downtown Dallas. It is often referred to as the Park Avenue Mall, after the Dallas, Texas Medical Center location. Click here to read about Dallas, Museum Of Art in Texas – A Remarkable Experience.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, is one of the most prominent sites in downtown Dallas that is remembered by thousands every day. The plaza, despite the tragic events that occurred there in 1963, still attracts hundreds of visitors to its countless attractions each day. There are two very important venues located here in Dallas: The Dallas Art Museum and the Dallas Historical Association. Both of these venues are visited by people of all ages s, and both of these venues play an important part in preserving the memory of Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Today, in Dallas, Texas, Dealey Plaza is one of the most well-known landmarks in downtown Dallas.


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