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When You Have Electrical Emergency, It Is All Hands-on Deck

Don’t lose hope. We are on our way! Our licensed and certified emergency electricians can come to you at the oddest hour because an electrical emergency does not see the time or the day. It can strike at any time at a moment’s notice and without any warning.

We are always on standby, ready to tackle the emergency. With our electrical equipment loaded in the van, key in the ignition, and foot on the pedal, we will leave for your home. Our experienced and professional electrician will ring your doorbell before you know it.

Our Timely Approach to Electrical Emergency Situations Helps Us Forge Lasting Relationships with Our Customers, Built on Trust and Respect

If you ever have an electrical emergency and need an emergency electrician in Plano, TX, and other surrounding cities, you now know who to call.

But how do you know you need to call us for emergency electrical repairs?

What is an Electrical Emergency?

Most people cannot differentiate between an electrical emergency and general electrical repairs. An electrical emergency cannot wait, whereas a general electrical repair can wait. Also, do not go out there to fix it yourself.

Did You Know the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission Discovered that More Than 200 People Die Due to Electrocution Each Year?

Let trained and skilled electricians take care of the electrical emergency for you. But what is an electrical emergency? To know how soon you need to call us to your property, here is a list of electrical issues that require the expertise of an emergency electrician:

  1. An Electrical Issue that Lasts for More than an Hour

    If you continue to experience the electrical issue with a light source or appliance for more than an hour, you need an electrician to repair it. Even though this issue is not always an emergency and it largely depends on the issue and the affected appliance, it can turn into one. It is better to call than to regret later.

  2. No Electricity in Your Property

    Inclement weather can knock out the electricity of your property. Even if your property is far away from your home, your power can still go out. Call your power company before you call us because they might have turned off the power due to the storm. If they have not turned off the power, it is time to call us to put the power back on.

  3. Find Black or Brown Marks Around Your Outlets

    A black or brown outlet indicates two things — it is overloaded and extremely hot. It can burn your wiring and cause a fire. If you see black or brown spots around your outlets, you need our services to take care of the issue

  4. Hear a Humming or Buzzing Sound Coming from Your Breaker Box

    If you hear a loud humming or buzzing sound coming from your breaker box, it is due to a faulty breaker or poor wiring. If you do not call us immediately to fix it, it can cause several other electrical issues in your property.

  5. Smell a Burning Odor in Your Property

    If you smell something burning like plastic in one or more areas of your property, it is due to damaged wires in your walls. Damaged wires can cause a fire, if not fixed quickly. Without wasting any time, we want you to contact our emergency electricians to come over and repair it before disaster can strike. We also recommend you turn the power off all areas where you smell the burning odor, given you can do it safely.

Always rely on an experienced emergency electrician to fix these electrical repairs. An untrained person can cause more costly issues for you. With an expert repairing your electrical issues, you can feel confident knowing the electrician will resolve the issue as efficiently and swiftly as possible, regardless of how complex it is.

Do you need an emergency electrician in Frisco, TX and nearby areas? If you do, you can count on us! We guarantee you that with us, you and your property are in safe hands. Knowing we are always a call away will provide you with complete peace of mind.

With us around, every electrical emergency will get resolved fast! Contact us at 972-440-9952 to report an electrical emergency.

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