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New Wiring Can Prevent Electrical Fires to Ensure Your Family is Safe and Sound

Do you know the dangers of having faulty wiring at your place? Faulty wiring can wreak havoc on your property. In fact, it takes only one bad wiring to cause catastrophic damage to your property and personal possessions. Hiring inexperienced electricians for installing new wiring in a residential or commercial property only increases this risk.

Not sure if your property has faulty wiring installed? You need to look for these warning signs that indicate faulty wiring.

6 Signs of Faulty Wiring

Here is a list of warning signs of faulty wiring that you should keep an eye on:

  1. Circuit Breaker Trips

    The circuit breaker trips when there is too much load on the electrical system. If your circuit breaker trips and shuts off the power, turn it back on. If your circuit breaker trips several times each month, it indicates a serious problem with your property’s electric wiring.

  2. Flickering, Buzzing, or Dimming Lights

    Your circuit breaker does not have to trip to indicate an issue with your electrical wiring. Flicking, buzzing, or dimming lights are all signs of faulty wiring. If your lights buzz when you turn them on or flicker or dim when you use more than one electrical appliance, you need to upgrade your property’s wiring.

  3. Chewed or Frayed Wiring

    Rodents, pets, and inexperienced electricians can damage your wiring. Chewed or frayed wiring can cause a fire. If you find or suspect that there is an electrical problem, contact a trained electrician for new wiring repair and installation to eliminate the risk.

  4. Scorching, Smoke, and Discoloration

    Search for scorched, smoked, or discolored marks on your outlets. If the wiring in your home has become damaged and is emitting heat, get an electrician to check it out for you. Failure to get the issue investigated further can cause serious damage to your property.

  5. Vibrating or Warm Wall Outlets

    One way to find out if the wiring in your property has gone bad is to touch outlets to see if they are vibrating or warm. Do not touch any of the wiring when you are performing this test, but only your property’s electrical outlets. If you are experiencing this issue, contact an electrician to replace any damaged or loose wiring.

  6. Odd and Burning Odors

    If you smell any odd and burning odors in your property, you may be looking at an electrical issue with your property’s wiring. If that smell is emitting from the outlets, your electrical panel, or both, it can cause a fire, if left unchecked. It is imperative to call an electrician to put a stop to the foul smell.

Whether you need to install new wiring or replace existing wiring in your property, you can contact us. Our licensed and certified electricians will visit your property at the given time to install or repair the wiring system in your home.

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Wiring in the wrong hands can create a hazardous situation for you and your loved ones. You should always choose an experienced electrical company like ours for new wiring in North Dallas, TX, and surrounding cities. If you have an electrical emergency, we can assist you with it.

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If you are building a house from scratch or moving into a new office that requires wiring, do call us. Our professional electricians, with years of experience under their belts, can put your mind at ease by doing an excellent wiring repair and installation job. We encourage you to make your electrical system a priority, as it allows us to catch issues and repair them in a timely manner.

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