Highland Park, Texas: What do you know about the Town?

Did you know that Highland Park, Texas is a town in Dallas County with a population of 8,876 as of the 2000 census? The town was originally named Highland Park Addition but changed its name to Highland Park in 1906. Highland Park, Texas is known for being an affluent and prestigious place to live. However, there are many more interesting facts about this town that we will explore in this article! Information can be found here.

Why Highland Park, Texas is a great place to live: Highland Park, Texas has so many benefits for its residents that it’s hard not to love it! Highland Park, Texas offers an easy commute with highways and railroads nearby. Highland Park, Texas also offers beautiful scenery, which might make you feel like you are in the “countryside” but still close enough to major metropolitan areas like Dallas. See here for information about Garland, Texas: A Guide for Visitors.

Highland Park, Texas is a great place for families as well with many child-friendly activities available such as parks, pools, and museums. Highland Park, Texas offers a perfect balance between city life and country living!

The town has been an important location in history because it was once home to John F. Kennedy’s White House when he served as President of the United States during his time in office from 1961 until 1963.

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