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The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum are a great place to be, whether you are just passing through Dallas or you live here and want to learn more about this important history. I recently had the pleasure of visiting this amazing museum while I was in Dallas for an internship at the University of North Texas. While there, I learned about the Museum’s exhibits on the concentration camps set up in Dachau, located in Germany, before and during the Second World War. While I was there, I also learned about how the world has come to understand the significance of these camps and how they can teach us something today. This museum is filled with powerful artifacts, first-person stories, and informative exhibits, so whether you are a history buff or someone who just wants to learn more about the dark history of the west end of the Dallas metroplex, you will find a good bit here to keep you entertained. Learn information about Dallas, TX here.


The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum are a great place to go if you want to learn about the darkest days of Texas, and also if you are a history buff and would like to gain some historical knowledge about your own family and the rest of America. In addition to learning about the concentration camps, you can also visit the Museum of Emancipation, The Return of the Prozac Memorial, The Dallas Holocaust Memorial, and The Dallas Holocaust Education Center. There are countless events hosted at the museum, such as concerts, lectures, book signings, and even theatrical productions. Discover facts about Interesting Information About Dallas County Courthouse in Dallas, Texas.

The museum has a new facility that is sure to please the most demanding of Dallas residents. Located across the street from the museum, The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum will surely please visitors with their exhibit on the death camps set up in Dachau, as well as their other exhibits, such as the Life in the Jewish Family exhibit. Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum are an essential part of Dallas’s rich history and will surely please the entire Dallas community. If you are looking for a great place to learn about the history of Dallas as well as meeting with some of its surviving survivors, then this is just the place for you!


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