All About Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas

Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, is located at Third Street in downtown Dallas Texas. It is one of Dallas’s most well-loved public open spaces. It is also known as the Lincoln Tunnel of Dallas because of its connection to the famous Lincoln Tunnel, an elevated pedestrian toll road in downtown Dallas. Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, is where most visitors come to leave their cars and take a break to eat, drink, shop, or just relax. It is also the location of the annual Taste of Dallas. Look here for more about Dallas, TX.


Thanks-Giving Square was built on the former Lincoln Road bridge over Sixth Street. The Pedestrian Network is made up of a chain of shops and boutiques on the pedestrian mall linking the various districts of downtown Dallas. A large and popular attraction, thanks-giving Square is one of the many destinations that make Dallas, Texas, a great place to visit. The pedestrian mall includes stores such as Jiffy Lube, Payless, Slows Bar and Dallas, Club Cards while offering a free public bike ride during the summer months. There are also several gardens that thrive around the area as well, including botanical gardens, flower gardens, and parks. The building, built-in 1960, was designed to accommodate a food concession stand. Today thanks to the efforts of the city, thanks-giving has a much more upscale look and feel. Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, houses several events each year, one of which is Pearl Harbor Month. This mall is one of several landmarks in the Dallas area that are designated as a National Historic Landmark. Click here to read about Why Do Children Love The Peter Pan Park in Dallas, Texas.

Besides the pedestrian malls and the Dallas Public Library, another favorite place to visit is the tower. The tower, known as the Bank One Tower, is the tallest building in all of Texas and North America. The structure is two stories high and is seen from the ground up rather than from the ground floor like the other buildings on the square. Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas, is a distinctive part of the city and is worth visiting if you get the chance.


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