Electrifying Eclipse Fun from your favorite Dallas-area electrician!

Electrifying Eclipse Fun from your favorite Dallas-area electrician!

Looking to be the stargazer of the neighborhood tomorrow?

Forget fancy telescopes, 4G Electrician has you covered with DIY eclipse viewers made from everyday items!

Turn Your Cereal Box into a Secret Eclipse Decoder Ring!

Here’s how to craft your very own eclipse viewer and become a super spy of the cosmos!

  1. Grab your spaceship (empty cereal box) and make sure it’s mission-ready (clean)!
  2. Cut a white landing pad (a piece of paper) that fits perfectly at the bottom of your ship. You can even glue it in for a permanent docking station!
  3. Open the roof of your spaceship! Carefully cut the top of the box, leaving the middle part for control central.
  4. Seal the top hatch with a piece of tape. No space leaks allowed!
  5. Craft your secret decoder! Cover one of the spaceship’s windows with a layer (or two for double the power!) of heavy-duty foil. Tape it down like a secret agent securing a crucial message.
  6. Create the secret peephole! Use a tiny nail (like your secret agent spy tool) to poke a small hole in the center of the foil.
  7. Disguise your spaceship! Cover the whole box with construction paper, but make sure to leave the peephole and the other window uncovered. (Kids will love this — add bling or anything you’d like.) We need a clear view to spy on the eclipse!

Watch this video from NASA, and it’ll all make sense:

Dig that old colander out of the cupboard.

This viewing option works best with a colander that has a patterned bottom with lots of small holes. Just hold the colander between the sun and a piece of paper on the ground. The holes will project a dappled light effect, mimicking a miniature eclipse on the paper!

Sun Salute with Safety!

Want to share the eclipse experience? Stand with your back to the sun and have your friends hold up a sheet or blanket. Create hand shadows on the sheet. As the eclipse progresses, your shadows will change and dance!

Looking for something a little more dazzling?

Grab a mirror or a disco ball!

Mirror: A flat mirror, any size will do. Even a small compact mirror can project a miniature eclipse image.
Disco Ball: A smaller disco ball is easier to handle for this project.

How to Use Them:

Both mirrors and disco balls act like tiny projectors.

  • Hold the mirror or disco ball at arm’s length, facing away from you.
  • Tilt it slightly until you cast a reflection of the sun onto a nearby wall or sheet.

Because the surface is reflective, multiple suns will appear. As the eclipse progresses, a crescent shape will darken each miniature sun!

Safety First, Friends!

While these methods are fun, remember: NEVER look directly at the sun! These viewers project a safe image of the eclipse, so you can enjoy it.

DIY is great for eclipse viewers, but don’t risk your safety on an electrical DIY project!

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⚡️ Your 4G Power Team

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