Highly Professional Electrical Repairs

Highly Professional Electrical Repairs

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Every household or business is bound to require electrical services at some point. Whether you have a large or small electrical project, choosing an expert technician is always the key to making your project a big success. At 4G Electrician, we have a team of professional electricians who offer quality services for all our customers. We serve residents of North Dallas, TX.


Whether you want a minor electrical repair, an overhaul of your outdated electrical system or to have your home rewired, our team of skilled electricians will provide you with any electrical related services you might need at an affordable rate.


You can trust our staff to adhere to the industry’s safety measures that are required for electrical repairs and installations. We also offer emergency electrical repair services to ensure that faulty electrical systems are repaired promptly before they pose a threat to you and your family.

Electrical Services


4G Electrician provides a variety of electrical services. These include;


  • Electrical installation- Our team can install virtually all types of electrical systems for your home. No matter the design of your home or business premises, they will ensure that they install a functional system that will guarantee you electrical power connectivity all the time. We have the electrical equipment needed for installing modern electrical features. therefore, do not hesitate to call us when you want to install any kind of electrical system.


  • Renovation wiring- Dealing with a defective wiring system certainly puts you and your loved one under significant risk. We will design and install a wiring system that is devoid of any defects to keep you safe from dangers associated with faulty wiring.


  • Electrical repairs- Our electrical repair services encompass a lot of things. We can repair or replace outdated wires, troubleshoot the entire electrical system, and also check and repair underground` systems. Best of all, we also offer emergency repair services. In the event of a power outage due to unexpected electrical problems, our electricians can come to your home to fix the issue irrespective of the time of the day.


  • Lighting- We offer a wide range of comprehensive lighting services to keep your lighting system working. We also provide both outdoor and indoor lighting services.


  • Home generators- We have specialized equipment and expertise to install all types of backup generators for your business or home. We can install any size of the generator you may want to be installed.


  • Circuit breaker panels- besides doing electrical panel installations, we can also install circuit breaker panels to protect the entire electrical system from damage if it gets overloaded.


Apart from residential electrical services, we also offer a host of commercial services including data system wiring, power quality-design, lightning/surge protection, new system installations, and upgrades or retrofitting.

Why Choose Us?

At 4G Electrician in the North Dallas, TX area, we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and earn their loyalty. We strive to offer quality electrical services whether it is repairs or installation. We always do things right the first time to prevent our customer’s from wasting time and money doing repairs every now and then. Here are more reasons why we stand out from our competitors:


We know how valuable our customer’s time is. Therefore, we endeavor to treat every work as an emergency. We will arrive at the site where you need us within the shortest time possible and work fast without compromising on quality.


We are reputable for offering reliable electrical services. As our customers, note that you can count on us for comprehensive services that are delivered to your specifications and in a timely manner. We do charge after our customers have been satisfied with our work.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency translates to low energy bills. We provide electrical services with energy efficiency in mind. We have embraced energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting installations to make energy more efficient and reliable. We can also upgrade your electrical system with new, energy-efficient fixtures which are also easy on the pocket.

Upfront Pricing

We go through your electrical project in detail and with your best interest at heart. We provide you with exact pricing that is not subject to overpricing. The price we will quote for your project will be final. You will not be asked to pay an extra dime once we have started working on your project.

We Are Insured, Bonded and Licensed

Unlike most electrical companies in North Dallas, TX, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. That means you won’t lose even a penny if the job is not done to your satisfaction. Again, you won’t have to be concerned about paying additional bills should any of our electricians sustain injuries while working at your place. Our workers’ compensation coverage will do precisely that.

Free Electrical Safety Inspection

We value electrical safety as well as customer satisfaction. At our customer’s request, our experienced electricians will provide a comprehensive electrical safety inspection free of charge. Our inspections are meant to prevent electrical accidents in your home. We believe that a home is like a fortress and you do not have to worry about being electrocuted when you are in your home. We also strive to make workplaces safe from electrical accidents.

Experienced Electricians

The fact that we have highly experienced electricians is the reason why most locals choose us over our counterparts. Besides having vast experience in this field, our employees have also undergone extensive training in electrical repair, maintenance, and installations. They also undergo training on a regular basis to keep up to speed with ongoing changes in the industry.


Whatever electrical services you need, we can provide it for you. Our aim is to see that no North Dallas, TX resident is stressed about electrical issues. Call 4G Electrician now and we shall happily visit your home or business and offer our unmatched electrical services.

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